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Yoga at Home

Sometimes all we need is someone to show up and show us we’re seen and truly cared for. 

With the Community Care Act, we intend to do just that - show our communities we see you, we care, 

and Moore Well-Beings is a space for your whole being to receive care. 

Our focus is to serve Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and the LGBTQIA community.


Here’s how it works.

5% of every booked class and membership is collected tallied and matched quarterly. 

The funds are then allocated to covering a 6-month AIR Care Package through our Patreon Community. 

We will provide as many memberships as we can with our donations.


Once the donations are tallied, 

we will announce how many Care Packages we can deliver and open the application process.

The application period lasts for two weeks. 

Recipients will then receive notification and be granted access to our classes, tools for healing, 

and the warmth of our community.

Arm Around Shoulder

With your support, we've offered 6 Community Care Packages as of 7/1/2022!

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