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Colorful Friends


We take our mission of providing approachable and comprehensive wellness services very seriously. Therefore we are dedicated to making these services accessible by donating 5% of each purchased class or membership to our Community Care Act, providing access to our online (and in-person when we can) offerings to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and the

LGBTQIA community.

Restoring healing and harmony to countless

individuals around the world.


Manifesting our mission can’t be done without you.

So we’ve joined Patreon, and hopefully, you’ll join us there too!

On Patreon, we offer various levels of membership that can include a vast array of bonuses.


From our Live Yoga & Meditation classes to, an ever-growing library of pre-recorded mindful content for you to continue to deepen your practice on your schedule and even discounts on workshops and private sessions. There is sure to be a membership package that suits your needs.

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